Consumer Loan Checklist

All you need to know to get started!

When applying for a consumer loan we will request the following information for each applicant.

Please do not send any verification information until a bankESB requests the specific information required.

Other documents may be required to complete the application process. A bankESB loan representative will contact you in the event that additional documentation is needed.

  • Copies of your most recent pay stubs from the past two weeks with Year-to-Date earnings.
  • Copies of Social Security checks, Retirement pensions, Disability checks.
  • If any of these items are directly deposited into a Bank account, we will need a copy of your most recent statement showing these deposits.
  • If Self Employed or own rental property the bank will require signed copies of your last two years' federal tax returns.
  • If applying for an auto loan a copy of the dealers purchase agreement will be needed.